You are taking part in much more than a multi-ethnic soccer tournament; you are expressing one of Canada’s most cherished values: acceptance.

We live in a country where we have understood that we are rich not despite our diversity but because of it. For me this is a message that will need to be repeated from generation to generation to make sure that this core value of what makes us Canadian never dies.

The Right Honourable Justin P. J. Trudeau, Prime Minister Of Canada


At One Team we believe that soccer has an incredible power, which can be used to make this world a better place. Use this powerful platform to promote peace, equality, health, and education for everyone. Make the game better, take it to the world, and you will be fostering a better world.

Through our annual international soccer tournament, and a variety of partner-supported grassroots soccer programs and projects, One Team works to promote global peace and social change, particularly in communities around the world affected by war, poverty, and gender inequality.

VISF 2016 Festival Overview
VISF 2016 Festival Overview

VISF 2016 Site Map
VISF 2016 Site Map
Empire Fields, Vancouver BC
3311 East Hastings Street

Why Soccer?

Soccer is the biggest game in the world. The game is watched and played by billions of people worldwide; therefore, it's a powerful medium for change and for making a difference. The game transcends borders and barriers, and is among the most powerful tools for creating awareness about issues of global interest.

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2016 VISF: July 8-10

Empire Fields , Vancouver, BC
3311 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC

Come out and enjoy a World Cup-style soccer tournament featuring fun, food, and festivities for the whole family. FREE Admission!



Novus Report 2015

Novus Report VISF 2015

One Team. One World.

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