The Festival

VISF 2017 Festival Overview
VISF 2017 Festival Overview

VISF 2017 Site Map
VISF 2017 Site Map
Empire Fields, Vancouver BC
3311 East Hastings Street

VISF 2017 Highlights

  • A multi-cultural soccer tournament, including local, International, Homeless, First Nation, and multi-ethnic soccer teams
  • Tournament is sanctioned by the BC Soccer Association.
  • Teams competing in 2 divisions: Women's, and Co-ed. Please, note there will be no men division at the VISF effective this year.
  • 3 days of soccer, music, food, entertainment and fun!
  • Food, Beer and Wine garden
  • A Feature Exhibition Game featuring local VIPs


  • Dates: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday July 7-8-9 2017
  • Location: Empire Fields, Vancouver, BC
  • Number of spots available: 32 Maximum
  • Divisions: 16 Spots in the Women's, and 16 spots in the Co-Ed.


We need your help today! We are growing in leaps and bounds, and so is the cost of our operation. Please consider becoming a funding sponsor.

We are currently seeking major sponsorship aligned with the messages of cultural harmony, global peace, and involvement in social change through soccer.

    We are seeking:
  • Funding partners
  • Venue partnerships
  • Media sponsors

VISF provides exposure by association opportunities - such as inclusion in official press releases, event websites, media campaigns, and thru signage and booths at the Festival. We look forward to speaking with those who share our organizational values and would like to learn about how we can work together to achieve these goals.

Please let us know if you would like to make a special contribution, donate directly to our annual festival, for our future multi cultural league, for our feed the athlete program, our equipment program, or our other programs. For more details on all our projects and programs, please visit our website

If you have any questions about making a special contribution, please call us at 1-604-727-7038, or e mail us at


2017 VISF: July 7-8-9

Empire Fields , Vancouver, BC
3311 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC

Come out and enjoy a World Cup-style soccer tournament featuring fun, food, and festivities for the whole family. FREE Admission!



One Team. One World.

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